User Research

Who uses your products or services? What kinds of people are most likely to need that killer app we’re developing for you? If you don’t have a razor-sharp image of the individuals who buy and use your offerings, you can’t fine-tune your development or marketing to reach out and grab those individuals’ attention. Here at Brightscout, we solve that problem early in the process by performing advanced, comprehensive user research.

User Research

Aggregated Data to Help You Attract Your Ideal Customers

What kinds of data do we collect? For starters, we gather and analyze all the relevant customer data you’ve already collected thus far, from in-person interviews and online surveys to information on specific buying preferences. We may also make use of quantitative data such as website analytics, sales funnel statistics, inbound sales records, and repeat sales. Heat mapping and other analyses can help us understand geographic patterns and trends, both for your current customers and for buyers of your competitors’ products.

Once we have this wealth of data, we can create what’s known as a buyer persona. A buyer persona is a detailed description of your ideal customer or user. It incorporates not only age, sex, education, location, and other key demographics, but also every known scrap of information about your average user’s buying habits, reasons for not buying, needs, interests, concerns, and perceived challenges or barriers to using specific kinds of technology products or features.

Why Choose Brightscout User Research?

User Empathy

An extraordinarily detailed understanding of your company and target market.

Simplify Data Collection

Combine your current user data and freshly-collected data from a variety of channels.

Build What Matters

Custom-tailor your product for the specific needs and preferences of an ideal users.

Precise Segmentation

Segmentation of buyer persona information via qualitative and quantitative analysis.

reduce costs

Build What your Users Want the First Time

Chances are that your ideal users meet more than one set of buyer persona criteria. Brightscout can take advantage of this situation by segmenting your buyer persona data. This enables us to add specific product features and marketing approaches, if desired, to target your best prospects in different target markets.

Know your users, and you’ll know exactly what kinds of products they need and want to use. Let Brightscout be your guide!

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