There are various website-building platforms out there that you can use when building your company’s site. Whenever most people want a website, the first choice is WordPress. In fact, 39% of the websites online use WordPress. Although it’s a popular platform, there are other solutions that you can use to come up with a creative website. Before deciding what platform you want to go with, it’s advisable to research the different ones available to determine which platform will be the best fit for your business. This is because every website builder has its advantages and strengths. However, others have more benefits than others. This article will look at the top 10 reasons why your site should be built in Webflow.

What is Webflow?

Webflow is a CMS, web design tool, and hosting platform. The site adopts a no-code approach which means that its users can design, build and launch responsive websites visually. The no-code system means that you can create a high-performing website using the drag-and-drop interface without needing to code.

Webflow aims to bridge the gap between basic website builders like Wix and other CMS platforms like WordPress. Although it’s essential that you look into other design tools and website builders for your website, here are reasons why Webflow would be the right fit.

  •  World-Class Speed

Webflow uses a content delivery network (CDN)  that ensures your page loads faster no matter the customer’s location. Webflow hosting allows you to access the fastest hosting technology you need for your business.

There are two primary reasons why your website might benefit from speed. For starters, excellent user experience. Today, we live in a world where we expect to get an answer anytime it pops into our minds.

Therefore, the digital age has necessitated the need for a speedy response as people don’t have that much time and want to get everything at once. If your page is slow to load, there is a high likelihood that the user will leave.

Another reason is Google rankings. A few years back, you wouldn’t have faced any penalties for websites with a slow loading time. Today, if your page doesn’t load in standard time, Google penalizes you meaning every single time a user spends waiting for the site to load, you drop in ranking.

Don’t lose potential customers due to slow load times. Sites built with Webflow use the fastest hosting technology to date. To have a faster loading time, you can use high-quality HTML and CSS, which Webflow generates.

  • Infinite Scalability

One of the significant reasons why Webflow is a great website building platform choice is the fact that it grants you total design control. This means that whenever we create a site, we start from a blank canvas. You don’t need to use specific themes or templates because everything is 100% customizable.

This is important because, as a business owner, your product or service is unique. You, therefore, need a unique website too. With Webflow, we are able to create a completely tailored solution for your needs showcasing your items the way you want.

Additionally, the ability to take control of the design and information flow gives us autonomy on how your company’s information is printed to your potential consumers. This then allows us to develop an effective and easy-to-use call to action. Your product and its journey are unique. With Webflow, you have the autonomy to scale your site with your business easily.

  • Flexible CMS

Manage your content efficiently. Webflow has a flexible content management system (CMS) feature that makes it easy to add blogs, services, and portfolios all in one place. This is convenient, especially for users with limited website knowledge. For example, say you run a winery and you offer white, red, and rose wine. Your company’s website has a wine overview page, and each type of wine has its own page to provide more information to the customers.

Once the individual pages, overview page, and the CMS are set in place, you can easily add in a fourth or fifth wine, and it only takes a minute or two at most. You only need to add in the appropriate imagery and accompanying text, and you’re all done.

  • No Plug-Ins

Many website building platforms’ number one requirement is that you should have plugins for added functionality. Webflow, on the other hand, is an all-inclusive platform, meaning you don’t have to worry about plugins requiring updates.

Outdated plugins end up causing functionality issues on the website. Additionally, having several plugins reduces your website’s speed and user experience. No plugins with Webflow mean that your site runs smoothly and you are free of any worry.

The best part about not needing plugins on Webflow is the efficiency in customer service. If you’re experiencing issues with Webflow, you can reach out to the website builder’s customer service team, and they will help you solve your problem.

  • Multiple Screen Sizing Options

Today’s digital age has seen people using their smartphones more and more. Smartphones account for a more significant percentage of how people get information nowadays. Studies show that 52% of the traffic online comes from smartphones. Webflow thus gives you a chance to capitalize on this by allowing you to design beautiful mobile sites with custom views for monitors and tablets alike.

This feature also allows you to incorporate varying elements from different views. If you want your website to have some interactions on mobile (such as the swipe feature on photos) but not on a desktop, you can use Webflow to do that. This, therefore, means that regardless of how your consumers learn about your business, you will be able to give them a fitting experience.

  • Increased Productivity

Webflow allows you to undertake development and design simultaneously, thus allowing us to get your company’s website up and running in no time. With Webflow, you’re designing HTML and CSS and not pixels and vectors. This means that with a click of a button, you get a clean version of your design without needing translation, ensuring you finish fast and have a running website quickly.

  • Better Security

As mentioned above, with Webflow, you don’t need plugins, meaning you don’t have to conduct regular updates. Updates on plugins required by most website builders pose a big vulnerability issue, increasing the risk of cyber-attacks.

Using Webflow sees that you get SSL certification which is standard. The best part about it is that SSL is a web host which further secures your site. Additionally, Google requires your site to have SSL certificates if you want to rank favorably in the search results.

Webflow also offers automated backups. This way, you can save your work as you go while referencing past versions so that you don’t have to worry about losing any unsaved work.


  • Ease of Use

The Webflow Editor is effortless to use and highly intuitive. Once your website is all set, you can change the text, adjust the images and even add CSS items on your own, meaning you won’t always require us to be present for that.

With the Webflow Editor, you are able to make changes to your website on your end without them having any effect on the backend. It’s a lifesaver of sorts in that it allows you to make changes to the site without messing up its design.

The Webflow Editor allows you to enter form submissions, add a blog article, project, and staff members. These features will enable you to get enough power and control over your website without necessarily crushing it.

  • Clean Code

Using Webflow will mean that you get clean code. A clean code is essentially a logical and easy-to-understand code that is also as small as possible. Getting a clean code ensures your website is fast, and we all know the faster the website, the better.

Webflow designers almost resemble Photoshop with regards to how they look and feel. In both, users can generate markings by dropping HTML components onto the blank canvas and using different CSS properties to design it. Using drag-and-drop builders will create a mess on your site structures, with the inline systems being all over the place, an element that Webflow thankfully lacks.

  • Affordability

Webflow is also very affordable. When you look at the features that it offers, you’d think it costs a lot of money, but it doesn’t. You don’t have to buy themes, templates, or plugins. All these cut down the cost significantly, and you’d be crazy not to consider building your website with Webflow.

How Brightscout Builds Award-Winning Websites In Half the Time on Webflow

Construct flows, research, and insights

Get started on the right foot. Our team can guide you to make clear and informed decisions while building out your site.

Brainstorm many possible solutions through design

Work with our team of experts to create the best visual/user experience for your customers.

Build polished production-ready pages in webflow

Create a sleek, flexible and responsive website that can easily adapt as your brand grows.

Validate our design decisions with real users to get feedback

Build, test, implement. We make sure your site is viable before handing over the keys. Work with our team of experts to refine the final product.

Let Us Build Something Amazing For Your Brand

If you’d like to learn more about how your company can benefit from a tailored Webflow site, give our website design team a call today. At Brightscout, we use Webflow to design elegant websites with zero hassle.

We have a team of business experts and integrated product experts who work together to build the nitty-gritty of your website at a high velocity. Work with our team to achieve greater market understanding and strategic design to keep your customers engaged.