Austin Digital Product Design & Innovation Shop is Making Companies Take Notice

Brightscout, our app design agency in Austin, TX, is up, running, and helping companies break the mold through disruptive technology. We launched in May of 2017 with a team of insanely talented strategists and designers and an adventurous spirit. With less than a year in business, we have already seen the industry take notice. Our client list ranges from Fortune 100 companies, DHS, and World Bank to Coder, dotCMS, and Mercy Hospitals. Additionally, we are proud to be exclusive partners for Botpress and Mattermost.

A few highlights so far include:

But what does Brightscout do exactly?

We design and build digital products to transform businesses and accelerate their speed of innovation. Our approach starts by facilitating open conversations with our clients where we uncover the problems they are facing. Then, we get to work using our tech know-how to create disruptive solutions.

What kind of solutions are we talking about?

Our solutions include but are not limited to:

Mobile applications

We build mobile applications for a wide variety of industries. For example, here’s a concept we built for a grocery app that enables customers to browse products, place orders, track deliveries (pictured below), and communicate with the driver via personal chat. On the back end, grocery stores can manage orders, track deliveries, and analyze their customer satisfaction.

Don’t wait around all day for your groceries. Keep an eye on your delivery time and make any list minute changes with your delivery person via chat.

Web design

We love design and website pages are a place to showcase our passion and creativity. We stay up-to-date on the latest trends to offer our clients unique, modern designs that please the eye and drive action.

IoT apps

We create apps for devices beyond the smartphone. Here is an example of our concept for a smartwatch which allows a drone operator to keep an eye on critical data and control an autonomous drone’s flight.

Messaging solutions

DIgital communication platforms are a must-have for businesses today but many fall short of serving the needs of the enterprise. Slack, for example, lacks the security and customization that many companies demand. Learn more on that here. We create custom solutions built for companies which can be placed inside their own security frameworks.

Enterprise Group Messaging

Data visualizations

Tired of sorting through pages of boring spreadsheets? Us too. We create data visualizations that bring data to life. They make it easier to understand trends and share them with others.

Thy sky is the limit. We encourage clients to talk with us openly about their obstacles and ideas. Our team is passionate about technology, problem solving, and product development, and we always embrace a new challenge.

Our role as a services partner

I mentioned above we are exclusive partners to Botpress and Mattermost, but what does that mean exactly?

Mattermost is an open source, private-cloud Slack-alternative that works at enterprise-scale. It offers security and scalability that sets it apart from other messaging solutions. We take the Mattermost foundation and fine-tune it to the needs of our clients. From integrating tools and customizing the interface, to assisting with implementation, we help enterprises build their own custom Mattermost solution.

As for Botpress, the company provides an open-source, on-premises bot framework that helps developers save time. However, it doesn’t build bots which is where our team at Brightscout comes in. We build custom bots for companies who find Botpress to be a good fit.

We also help to answer technical questions about both Mattermost and Botpress for companies considering either product.

How is Brightscout different from the rest?

Behind Brightscout is an elite team of technologists and idea makers, who are all down-to-earth people, too. We take a fresh approach to design and encourage open communication, creativity, and pushing the envelope. Our strengths lie in design and being product visionaries that are continuously exploring emerging technologies.

When you work with us, it’s more than hiring a web design company or an app builder, it’s a true collaboration. We’ll break down the barriers whether it’s sending you breakfast tacos or even working out of your office.

Give us a Shout

If your company is looking for an innovative tech solution to improve collaboration, productivity, and/or communication, give our team at Brightscout a shout.

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